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With modern facilities and infrastructure along withTechnical hands of 20-25 year experience in design and making of Press tools, HCM Can easily deliver the solutions in

  • Automotive Panel Dies
  • Progressive Dies
  • Critical Cam actuated Dies and Stage dies
  • Checking Fixtures

  • Fiat Heat Shield (Aluminum 0.4mm)
  • Ford B515 (High Tensile)
  • Ashok Leyland Stallion (6.5mm)
  • Honda Takao (High Tensile)
  • Chrysler Seat assly (High Tensile)
  • Chrysler Clutch Cover
  • NMHG Cross Member
  • LG Back/Side Panel (Laminated 0.24mm)

Components of Fiat Heat Shield

  • Daimler HDT High Tensile up to 12mm
  • Nissan X02A Project (High Tensile)
  • Daimler LDT High Tensile Parts
  • Ford T6 High Tensile
  • John Deere Sweet spot (4-7mm)
  • Volkswagen Seat Parts (High Tensile)
  • Mahindra XYLO (Chassis)