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We provide all functions of robots from conceptualizing, designing, manufacturing, implementing and supporting advanced factory automation system. we provides our customers with the solutions they need Such as, robot simulation, offline programming, onsite robot programming, training, design services, robot calibration to enhance productivity and achieve their manufacturing goals.
HCM India has a unique blend of expertise in
Robotic MIG Welding
Robotic TIG Welding
Robotic Material Handling
Robotic Laser Trimming
Robotic Foundry Pouring
Robot-specific simulation by software : Delmia, Robot studio (ABB)
Joint Working
We are integrated partner with ABB(Switzerland),Motoman/Yaskawa ( Japan) and Fanuc for supply of Industrial Robots along with complete system.
 Robotic Welding Cells For Fuel Tanks

Robotic Welding Cell for DUCATI Fuel Tank

Design view

Actual view

400 CC - Completed

800 CC – Completed

Robotic Cell for Welding, Robotic Laser Trimming & Robotic Metal Pouring Cell

SS tank welding

Foundry pouring

Robotic Laser Trimming Cell for JCB Components Layout view

Robotic Laser Trimming Cell for JCB Components Station View